The answers to FAQ

How to get to The Chapel of the Capuchins

Disabled access : 
There are Disabled Parking bays on the college square, in front of the access ramp to the Chapel; access from the RN68 between the Blanc-Moussi roundabout and the lights at the foot of La Haute Levée.
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By car : 
Off the RN68 between the Blanc Moussis roundabout and the lights at the foot of La Haute Levée. Parking is available in the college square, in the area in front of the college and on-road. 
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On foot : 
If you are already in the town centre, go up towards Place Saint-Remacle: on the top right of the Place, the Rue Haute leads directly to the Chapel of the Capuchins. 
See Map of St Remacle College

Parking for the Abbey and The Church of St. Sebastian

- The Abbey Square
- Place Saint-Remacle or neighbouring street parking
- Below the Esplanade which overlooks the Abbey gardens (side access)
- In the lower town, on the Chemin des Etangs
- Street parking on RN68
See Parking map
See Map of Saint Sebastian’s Church

Disabled access to The Abbey or St. Sebastian’s Church

For the Abbey : Access via the glass wing: general parking in the square or a small number of disabled parking bays in front of the entrance.
See Map of the Abbey
For the Church: Entry from the side road (Rue Latérale)
See Map of The Church of St. Sebastian

Are tickets numbered?

Only tickets for evening concerts at the Abbey are numbered.

What about online tickets ?

Tickets purchased online for evening concerts at the Abbey do not have a printed number, but before accessing the venue, please go to the entry counter with your online ticket and you will be provided with a numbered ticket that corresponds with your chosen booking.

Discounted tickets ?

There are a number of evening and morning subscription packages that provide a discount on the concert prices.
We think that our tickets are already good value, but there are discounts available to young persons for morning concerts, either through a subscription package or individually.

When will this year’s programme appear on the website ?

Generally, the programme for this year’s festival can be accessed via this website or that of the Festivals de Wallonie, www.lesfestivalsdewallonie.be, at the same time as the seven other group festivals, in April or May.
If you would like to be kept up to date with festival developments, you can subscribe to our newsletter, sent out three times each year. Just give us your email address through the ‘contact’ tab.
You can also check our social media which is regularly updated.

When will this year’s theme be known ?

This will be announced soon, if it has not already been set in the previous year, in the press or through our organisation and associated groups.

When will the Festival programme be out, and where can I find it ?

In general, the programme for the festival goes to press in mid-July, and is available from the Festival office as soon as it opens. Copies are also available before each concert.

How can I get information before the festival office opens or out of hours ?

The Tourist Information Office in the glass wing of the Abbey is open every day between 10.00 and 13.00 and from 13.30 to 17.00, telephone +32 80 862 706.

How can I find out the broadcast dates and times for concerts recorded by Musiq’3 ?

Sometimes, broadcast dates are known before the end of the festival and we will publicise them. If not, please listen for announcements from Musiq’3.

Eating and refreshments before and after concerts ?

There are a number of restaurants and cafés in town open after the morning concerts and before those in the evening. Many of them advertise with us and their details can be found in the festival programme.
After morning concerts, The Museum Café (Café des Musées) is available with terrace and interior seating, offering a menu with local delicacies.
After evening performances, there is a very popular bar and restaurant provided by the Festival in the Roman Cellars. Booking is recommended; you can reserve a table and choice from the menu in the cloister before the concert begins or during the interval.
During the interval, refreshments are available from the Café des Musées. To speed the service, tickets for drinks can be purchased by the Café before concerts.