Other ways to book your seat

Other ways to book your seats

The venues for concerts at the Stavelot Festival are not large - for example, the church can accommodate between 200 and 400; and that is part of the charm of the festival. In addition, many seats are taken through subscription packages for either morning and/or evening performances.
We would urge you to make your booking as soon as possible.


 How to book your tickets for our concerts

 There are three ways of booking:

  1. Via the online ticket offices open from 1 June: www.festivaldestavelot.be and www.lesfestivalsdewallonie.be

  2. By mail, from June 1st by printing the order form (or on the leaflet if you received it by post) and sending it back completed to the Stavelot Festival - Rental office, Abbaye, Salon Arthur Grumiaux B - 4970 STAVELOT - Mail: ticket@festivaldestavelot.be

  3. By telephone or visit to the Festival office at Stavelot Abbey. The office is open from 13 July and during the
    festival, from 10am to 12.30pm, except on Sundays and public holidays. Tel: +32 (0)80 86 27 34. 

Outside these dates, you can call the Stavelot Tourist Office on +32 (0)80 86 27 06, for all information - but please note that no reservations can be made on this telephone number.


Any tickets not paid for two days before the concert may be put back on sale. Tickets and subscriptions cannot be returned or exchanged. They will only be issued upon receipt of payment.

- The international cheque payments being taxable by more or less 20 €, could you please make a bank transfer instead.