Corporate structure

Corporate structure and administration

Running as a not-for-profit association since 1959, the Festival is based around the Abbey. Practically all of its functions are carried out on a voluntary basis by the administrators and members of the non-profit organisationThese tasks includeamongst others: 
- Agreeing and fixing the programme for each season 
- Booking artists and agreeing fees
- Managing the relationship with the Festivals de Wallonie
- Running the office
- Accounting functions
- Communications, media and publicity
- Researching and applying for sponsorship
- Ticketing
- Management and preparation of performance spaces
- Managing the catering for the cellars
- .... 

The Festival’s financial strength derives from a number of sources, in large part from ticket receipts; also grants from the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation and the German-Speaking Community of Belgium; from the Liège Province, Stavelot town council and Ardenne Prévoyante; sponsorship from the Festivals de Wallonie; and from generations gifts and donations. Mention should be made here too of the unstinting work and support of the Friends of the Festival, for whom there is always a special welcome as they come together each year.  

We must also say a big thank you for the support that we receive from other local cultural institutions and organisations, such as E.T.C. (Espaces Tourisme et Culture) with its museums, the Stavelot-Trois-Ponts Cultural Centre, the Tourism Bureau, the Central Library, and the Galerie Triangle Bleu.  

So we look both back over sixty-five seasons to those who established and nurtured our festival, who built its traditions of easy friendship combined with the highest standards of performance, and forwards, to the continuing development of the Festival into the future with these same values always in mind, a future that is safe in the hands of the present generation of volunteers and supporters.

Board of Administrators

President: Suzanne MICHA
Artistic Advisor : Jérôme LEJEUNE
Managing Directors : Cécile DELHEZ-LONGRÉE and Françoise DE MOOR-LONGRÉE
Secretary : Françoise THOMAS 
Accounting Manager : Marcel REY  

Administrators : 

Isabelle BODSON - Christiane CLOSE - Guy CLOSE - Emile CRASSON - Philippe CRASSON - Philippe FONTAINE - André GIET - Suzanne GOFFARD - Joseph HINCK - Léo LESUISSE - Josiane LETAWE - Georges MACQUET - Madeleine MICHA -Benoît PAULIS - Claire RINGLET - Francine SOREIL 

Committee Members :  

Isabelle BACKES - Yasmina CHAUVEHEID - Annette DANDRIFOSSE - Hélène et Albert DAVID - Candice DELHEZ - Gilles DELHEZ - Jean-Philippe DELHEZ  - Julien DELHEZ -  Marie-France DELNEUVILLE - Nicolas DE MOOR - Stefaan DE MOOR - Marie-Paule ENGLEBERT - Marie-Rose GABRIEL - Doria  GALLE – GIET - Louis GERSON - Virginie et Henri GERSON - Martine GIET - Christiane HEUKEMES - Marie-Thérèse HINCK - Marie-Claire et Steve HOUBEN - Armelle KRINGS - Valérie  LEMINEUR - Jacqueline LESUISSE - Mady MACQUET - Josette MATHONET - Jacques MERTENS - Anne et Jacques MICHA - Danielle et André MICHA - Bernard MOËS - Corinne et Jacques NANOUX - Aurore NELLES - Yi Yu  PAULIS – Jacques POLIS - Maïte REY - Gisèle ROUSSEAU - Jeanine SANA - Charles-Antoine SARTOR - Joseph et Marie-Anne SCHRAUBEN - Jacques et Marielle SOUGNE - Alain et Anne VAN LANCKER - Raphaël VANROY - Marie-Noëlle et Luc VANTURENHOUT - Viviane WINANDY

Festival de Stavelot ASBL
Abbaye de Stavelot - Salon Arthur Grumiaux
Cour de l'Abbaye, 1
4970 Stavelot
+32 80 86 27 34
BCE : 0410 71 80 91