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Koi Collective (c) Festival de Stavelot

Koi Collective (B)

Saxophone and piano duet

Koi Collective was founded in 2020 with a contemporary vision. Its main objective is to interpret the repertoire of the 20th and 21st centuries, with a particular focus on Belgian compositions and unknown gems from here and abroad. From Scaramouche to minimal and experimental music. The artists' mission is to prove that there is a wealth of recently written music that is accessible to a wide audience.
They love working with young composers. Creation is part of their DNA. Collaborating with living composers remains particularly inspiring. Koi Collective was initially invited to concerts in Brussels, Hasselt, Grimbergen, etc. before an initial residency in December 2020 at the Concertgebouw Brugge. Following this residency, they were heard on the radio and at a recording session at Klara's Studio Toots, which was part of the Emmy selection of 'de Twintigers'. In the years that followed, Koi Collective were applauded at recitals (Queens Brussels, de Bijloke Gent, Transit Festival) and won the Supernova prize in February 2023 and the Génération Classique competition in December of the same year.