Stavelot Festival 2021: Time regained

Despite all the restrictions, nearly 3000 of you attended our 16 events, in a well-ventilated hall, but with fewer seats than usual. And the good surprise for you, evening listeners, was to see that the Romanesque cellars were waiting for you again, for the beautiful and warm encounters that you liked so much before. If many of you are regulars of the Festival, some of you have only just discovered it and we sincerely hope to be able to meet them again in the next seasons.

But now let's turn to the music and our concerts.

Exceptionally, our season started with a musical theatre show in collaboration with the Vacances Théâtre de Stavelot and the Centre Culturel de Stavelot - Trois-Ponts. Many of you were able to attend this co-production, proposed by the Festivals of Wallonia for the 100th anniversary of the death of Camille Saint-Saëns, and you gave it a great success.

As for our usual schedule, our 2020 programme was supposed to be a beautiful tribute to Beethoven for the 250th anniversary of his birth, but it had to be postponed almost entirely. So this year, not only were these works often performed again, but they were performed with the original performers, at least when their schedules allowed it. You will also have noticed that, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Festivals of Wallonia, we wanted to make the programme festive, from beginning to end. 

At the end of the Festival, you were quick to tell us: you were very moved by our reunion and by all the artists, young or confirmed, who, after these long months of silence, were able to present their programme, patiently and at length. You should know that they all felt the same emotions as you did and that they are very grateful to you!

So thank you all for your loyalty and for your encouragement! But 2022 is already upon us and we hope to be able to unveil the broad outlines soon... and more!

I promise, it won't be too much longer...

Stavelot Festival 2021: Time regained