The Paths of Madness - 200th anniversary of César Franck

The "Années Folles" of the last century were all about joie de vivre, but the present ones - and we could say that they overturn all rational criteria - are all about great gravity. But if we were to enumerate all the meanings we could give to the word "madness", their list would be long, stretching from all psychological disorders to the exaltation of feelings. Some of the composers of the great German Romanticism are the most obvious witnesses to this, and in particular Robert Schumann and Hugo Wolf, whom you will hear on many occasions during this 65th season. Alongside them, and for completely different reasons, you will find César Franck, this great composer born in Liège 200 years ago, and whose chamber music you will discover with great pleasure!  Enjoy the festival and may music bring you joy and serenity!