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Quatuor Cambini-Paris (c) Franck Juery

Cambini-Paris String Quartet

string quartet

Formed in 2007, the Quatuor Cambini-Paris, one of the rare string quartets to play on period instruments, has quickly established itself in today’s musical landscape thanks to the richness of its repertoire. The quartet is admired for both its performances of the acknowledged masterpieces of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn and its rediscovery of forgotten French composers such as Jadin, David and Gouvy. In order to reproduce as closely as possible the musical conditions which the composers knew in their day, the Quatuor Cambini-Paris plays on instruments strung with gut and uses bows appropriate to each epoch. By choosing the name of Giuseppe Maria Cambini (1746-1825), a violinist and composer of 155 string quartets, the Quatuor Cambini-Paris bears witness to its interest in exploring the stylistic developments of the Classical and Romantic periods.