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Christian Crahay


Christian Crahay is an actor from Liège who has appeared in the credits of some sixty films and in the cast of over 130 plays. He has also directed, danced in shows by Michèle-Anne de Mey and taught.
He has now turned his attention to writing, with two books published by Les oiseaux de nuit.
The first book, "Et bien, jouez maintenant - carnets d'un tournage" could have been called "L'homme qui a massé le dos de Catherine Deneuve". In it, he recounts, day by day, his life as an actor on the set of Kore-eda Hirokazu's film "La vérité", in which he played the husband of the famous French actress.
"L'endroit défriché par le fou - Carnets d'une Côte d'Or" also an autobiographical account, recounting his memories of the Sclessin district where he was born and where he has been living again for the last ten years, at different times and through several members of his family.
Christian Crahay will be back on stage next season in Yves Beaunesne's "Andromaque", opening the season at the Théâtre de Liège. He will also be seen in Julie Mossay's Juke Box Opéra at the PBA in Charleroi.